Face Fitness
1). Cheek Bone Squeeze:

Want to get those perfect cheek bones without surgery? The exercise is fairly simple. All you have to do is take out time at work, at home or ten minutes at night.


Make on ‘O’ with you lips, push outward and hold for 2 seconds and then smile. Repeat this 3 times and you will feel the muscles around your cheeks and jaw warming up from the extra circulation.


Keep your lips closed. Suck both cheeks inward. Hold and release. Then do this exercise by sucking in one cheek at a time. Repeat it 3 times. If performed correctly, this exercise exerts pressure on your jaw muscles, tightening and firming those cheeks. Ideally, it should be done 10 times a day.

2). Double Chin Eliminator:

Smiles are the most important feature in making you look good. Is that unwanted double chin coming in your way? The Double Chin Eliminator exercise works two sets of your muscles- the chin muscle and the front of the neck muscle.


While sitting straight up Press your hands to your forehead. Try to apply resistance with your neck muscles and hold it for up to 15 seconds.


Another one you can try is to sit on a chair that doesn’t have arms and put your hands down to your sides. Lean as far forward as possible and open your mouth, sticking your tongue out. Try to stay in that position for up to 10 seconds.


Additionally, you can try to tilt your head across your pillow so it will stretch your throat and neck muscles while you sleep. If done on a daily basis (thrice), you will see results in a couple of weeks.

3). Natural Face Lift Exercise:

You don’t need that face lift surgery anymore. There are exercises that can help you look more vibrant and youthful – Naturally!


Put your lips together tightly, leaving a small hole as though you were about to whistle. Shut your eyes and continue to force your lips forward as though you are trying to reach an object in front of you. Hold this position for twenty seconds.